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The Process

Waste Receiving and Conditioning.

Arriving waste is weighed and directed to an enclosed secure location within the building. Following initial inspections and documentation, the waste is processed through a pre-conditioning system where the waste is prepared for the final destruction process.

Pyrolysis or Gasification.

The waste (referred to as feedstock) is then delivered mechanically to the feed hoppers for staging. The cycle begins with the feedstock being discharged from the feed hoppers into the system where the feedstock is heated in the absence of oxygen. This is where the conversion of the feedstock is transformed into a useful syngas. In other words, our process does not burn waste. The remaining inert solids of around 5-10 percent are discharged from the base of the system and conveyed to storage containers then tested before it is disposed off-site. The testing of the inert ash is to ensure total microbial inactivation was achieved before being hauled off to the landfill.

Renewable Energy (Heat) Generation.

The system produces thermal heat that can be sent to an existing boiler or chiller to offset the use of fossil fuels, or can be converted directly to electricity.
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Major Technology Points

• Proven History

• The modular design with seamless expansion capabilities

• No oxygen = no combustion =
no incineration

• The process is within an enclosed building

• Clean emissions complying with all EPA and EU standards

• Clean emissions complying with all EPA and EU standard

The system can destroy
all types of medical waste

Infectious “Red Bag”
  Chemotherapy Waste
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