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What We Offer


Turnkey Waste-to-Energy Onsite Solution

Synergy offers you the capability of achieving total destruction of all matter and harmful pathogens that are inherent in all types of medical waste including red bag, special, bulk, infectious, pathology and pharmaceutical waste. Our onsite destruction facility and technology process is innovative, safe and proven to provide a way for hospitals to eliminate the need for pre-treatment as well as reduce their collection, transportation and disposal costs over the term of the contract. By utilizing a proven technology to destroy and convert hospital waste into clean renewable energy we are positioned to provide quick savings with long term waste and energy solution for hospitals everywhere.

Who We Are


Synergy Medwaste, LLC

Synergy Medwaste, LLC is an extension of Synergy Renewables Waste to Energy platform. It is led by its Co-Founder and managing partner David Cardenas along with Steve Houghton, Michael Childers and Michael Allen who are recognized leaders in harnessing natural gas resources domestically and abroad in conjunction with BP Capital who is led by T. Boone Pickens - the preeminent advocate for a comprehensive national energy plan.
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